Go to Settings > Users to manage user settings

1 . Add a user

Click "add user" at the left bottom corner of the page.  An automatic invitation will be sent once you've added an email address. Your new user can now create a password by clicking on the link in your email.

Looking to add multiple locations to a user?

Just add a user and use the e-mailadres already connected to other locations. Formitable will automatically recognize the connected locations. Click of tap the Formitable logo, or use the location switch (refresh the page first) to easily pick another location.

2. Delete a user 

Click on the specific user on the left. Delete the user by clicking on the trash can icon.

3. Change user level to administrator  

Click on the specific user on the left. Scroll down to "Administrator" and toggle the flip. Log in again to activate access.  

Extra user information: 

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