Personal holidays, King's Day or any event such as Christmas or Valentine's. These are all possible exceptions to your regular opening hours. 

Working with tickets for a temporary summer deal, a high tea that's only available between 12:00 and 15:00, or an Eastern Brunch menu? Even then, you must first make an exception and specific shifts.

Follow the steps below to add an exception to your regular shifts: 

  1. Go to Settings > Shifts
  2. Click at the bottom left on Add Day for a single day such as King's Day or New Year's Day. Add period for a longer period, such as a holiday closure or summer deal
  3. Choose a title (This is only internally visible and intended to keep an overview of the various exceptions)
  4. Select a day or period. Indicate whether you want to copy the opening hours from a different exception or add a new exception. Do you work with tickets and organize an event every month? Or do you have deviant winter times? If you create an exception from a copy, your tickets will also remain linked! You can find more information about creating tickets in the Tickets-guide.
  5. Inform your guests by setting up a message. With a background and text color you can make the exception extra visible in the calendar when you make a reservation. Ideal for an event or special promotion!
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