Guests can now effortlessly find your restaurant in the Airbnb app and make a reservations

Note that the selection on Airbnb is based on your location, online reputation and quality of your content. 

  1. Go to Apps and install the Airbnb App 
  2. The selection on Airbnb is based on your location, online reputation and quality of your content. Go to Settings > Restaurant 
  3. Scroll down to Partner Network and upload all content in this section. Note that it has to be in English 
  4. Read our Airbnb Guide for more information 

Research done by Airbnb (2017) shows that two-thirds of all travelers also make restaurant reservations. That is why Airbnb now offers a restaurants page where travelers can find and reserve restaurants. In addition to high resolution photos and unique texts, Airbnb adds taglines, a total score and tips from hosts. Useful content for those who want to discover the perfect local restaurant in a foreign city!

You get to enjoy enormous exposure through Airbnb. They even take your phone number and a link to your own Facebook page and website. When travelers book directly within the Airbnb system, this links to your own Formitable agenda.

App installation

Look for the Airbnb icon in the app store

You can install the Airbnb app in Formitable’s app store. When you install the app, your request will be forwarded to Airbnb. The selection on Airbnb is based on your location, online reputation and quality of content.

Uploading content

Travelers can find and book your restaurant through Airbnb

Airbnb has an excellent reputation when it comes to reliability and content. The images and texts that you upload are looked at critically. You can upload the content under Settings > Restaurant under the Partner Network section.

For the listing on Airbnb you must fill in all parts. The most important parts are explained below.

Photos. Upload professional photos that make your restaurant stand out. We recommend a selection of photos of the interior and exterior of the restaurant and the food. The ideal resolution is 2400 x 1602, but can not be smaller than 1280 x 854. Have you received high resolution photos from your photographer? Use to keep the image size to a minimum without loss of quality.

Cuisine detail type. Choose from detailed types such as cocktails & bites, modern comfort or Japanese gastropub. The type you choose for your restaurant here will be displayed as a colored tag above the entry. Your choice is thus important!

Description. The description creates context around the restaurant: how is the team composed, what are you known for and what is the origin of the concept? Also think of special dishes, awards and other unique facts. This text must be written in the third person (e.g. no first person "we" or "us"). Provide professional English texts and check if you have the language switch on ‘EN’ when you enter the texts.

Professional English texts for The French Connection

Tagline. Another important part: the tagline. In this description you summarize the uniqueness of your restaurant in up to 60 characters. Like the Cuisine detail type, the tagline is immediately shown in the restaurants overview page. So write a catchy tagline to stand out.

Tips from the hosts

No reviews, but local recommendations

As a host on Airbnb you can create a guidebook with all your favorite places. As a tenant, you have a real local guide, with all the tips in the vicinity of your house or apartment. The unique content of this guidebook has now been merged and integrated into the Airbnb restaurant section. These are not reviews, but genuine local recommendations from your local residents.

The more the tips, the higher you appear in the overviews and search results. Are your guests Airbnb hosts? Ask them to write a tip in their guidebook!

Airbnb reservations in Formitable

You can recognize Airbnb reservations by the color and the logo

Reservations made through Airbnb are linked to your Formitable agenda. You can recognize Airbnb reservations by the pink color, the Airbnb logo and the text 'created by Airbnb' in the reservation details. As with normal reservations, guests can change or cancel these reservations. This is done via the Airbnb app or website. It is also possible to change or cancel the reservation yourself. As soon as you implement this in Formitable, Airbnb guests will receive an e-mail and a push notification.

Follow-up marketing

If you plan to re-contact your guests for marketing purposes, you can get a complete overview of all Airbnb guests. Export your guest file via Insights> Guests. Airbnb guests have their own 'Airbnb' source.

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