Everything you need to know to get the most out of the gift vouchers app

Gift vouchers are a win-win-win: guests enjoy giving, it is always nice to receive a gift and for you as a restaurant it means extra revenue. This way you attain new guests and all receipts that are not returned are a 100% profit! An ideal product. Although spending and redeeming gift vouchers takes time and can be complicated to keep track of, Formitable has introduced digital gift vouchers, fully integrated into the reservation system. You can make your own arrangements and choose which products you want to sell. Afterwards you can immediately start selling via your own website.

Have a look at the gift voucher shop from Daalder for some inspiration

Before you start

Connect to Mollie and start testing in Test mode

  1. Connect via Mollie. Just like tickets, you collect the proceeds of gift vouchers in your own Mollie account. No Mollie account yet? Sign up here..
  2. Cost. In the App store of Formitable you can install the Gift vouchers app yourself. In the Gift vouchers app settings you can choose per payment method whether you pay the costs yourself or the guests do.
  3. Validity. By default, gift vouchers can be redeemed until two years after the date of purchase. You can adjust this under Settings > Setup to a minimum of one year and a maximum of five years.
  4. Test modus. Have you connected Mollie, installed the Gift vouchers app and created your first gift voucher? Before you go live, you can test buying gift vouchers in Test mode. Do not forget to switch off Test mode afterwards! The Test mode can be found under Settings > Setup.

Creating gift vouchers

To create a gift voucher go to Products > Gift Vouchers. Click the Create voucher button. You can choose Ticket voucher (packages) and Amount (fixed amount).

  1. Ticket voucher. Would you like to offer packages such as a high tea or a fully catered all-inclusive dinner? Then choose the first tab ‘Ticket voucher’ and select a ticket from the list. You can change the title, text and the amount to make the tickets suitable as a gift voucher.
  2. Amount. You can also offer fixed amounts as a gift voucher. This would be a nice addition to your arrangements. Go to the second tab Amount, choose a suggested amount or fill in an amount yourself. For this type of voucher you can upload your own design (Image) or simply choose a color (Color). Your logo is automatically incorporated in the design.

Tip on Amount: Refrain from creating only expensive arrangements, put together also a cheaper restaurant experience or lunch package. That way you stay within everyone's budget.

Selling gift vouchers

You have a beautiful, professional solution for gift vouchers. Now you want to sell as much as possible! The gift shop is integrated in the reservation widget, so you can start selling immediately.

What else can you do? The next step is to create a page on your website and use your social media channels.

Illustration of the gift voucher page from Daalder

  1. Create a page on your website with the title 'Gift vouchers'. This means that not only visitors can find your gift shop, but Google can also index your page well.
  2. Place a promotional text on the page. You can use the text from the template below.
  3. Below the text place a button to open the gift shop. Use the anchor #ft-open-tickets for this. More instructions can be found via the Settings > Widgets page by clicking the Configure widget button. You can also send these instructions to your web developer.
  4. With gift vouchers you will soon have a nice post on social media!
  5. Promote your gift card page to generate additional traffic to your website.
  6. Do you want to bring a specific gift voucher to the attention? Each gift voucher also has its own url.
  7. Finally, send a newsletter to your guests to promote your gift vouchers.

Template for the promotional text:

Make someone happy with a gift voucher from [your restaurant]! Choose a nice package or a fixed credit. The gift voucher can be redeemed online at the time of booking or at the restaurant itself. Is it someone's birthday? Did someone graduate? Or is it Mother's Day? Then set the perfect moment to send the voucher. 

Gift vouchers can be purchased through our own website.

Redeeming vouchers and applying codes to reservations

Gift vouchers can be redeemed in two ways: at the time of booking or at the restaurant.

  1. Redeem during reservation. Every giftcard sold has a unique code. Gift voucher recipients can enter their code during the reservation process. The code is checked and linked to the correct arrangement or amount. In Formitable these reservations are immediately recognizable by a wrapped gift icon. When you open the reservation, you will receive a summary of the purchase in the payment tab (illustrated by a credit card icon). In the gift voucher tab you can see which gift voucher has been redeemed.
  2. Redeem in the restaurant. When guests come in with a gift voucher or when guests have booked without entering the code, you can check the code manually. For this you add the gift voucher to a reservation. 
  • If it is a walk-in, first put the walk-in into the system. 
  • If it is a reservation, look up the reservation. When you open the reservation, you can enter the code manually via the tab. The system checks the code and links it to the correct arrangement or amount by agreement.

Redeem during reservation:
In the booking you will find the description of the voucher purchase 

Redeem in the restaurant:
You can also easily redeem the gift voucher in the restaurant by applying the voucher code

Connecting to administration

  1. An overview of all payments can be found under Insights > Orders. An order means that a payment has been made. Normal reservations without payment are therefore not included in this overview. Orders can be exported from Formitable as an Excel file.
  2. Just like tickets, you receive the proceeds from the gift vouchers directly in your Mollie account. You can also download a file from Mollie. For more information about the accounting process: https://help.mollie.com/hc/nl/categories/201780389-Administration 
  3. To match the transactions of Formitable and Mollie, you can use the Mollie Payment ID. This can be found in both the export file of Formitable and the export of Mollie.
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