Manage exceptions to your regular opening hours on special occasions, vacations, national holidays, Easter, Christmas, Valentine's, etc.

Personal holidays, King's Day or any event involving Christmas. These are all possible exceptions to your regular opening hours and can be set under Settings > Shifts. Also when you close a shift via the spreading tool in the Overview an exception is created. However, the spreading tool is made for last-minute changes, not for setting specific days and periods. You can do this faster, easier and clearer through the settings.

Working with tickets for a temporary summer deal or Christmas menu? Even then, you must first make an exception and specific shifts.

Examples of special occasions and tickets that might require exceptions to opening hours

Adding an exception

  1. Click at the bottom left on either Add day for a single day such as King's Day or New Year's Day; or on Add period for a longer period, such as a holiday closure or summer deal.
  2. Choose a title. This is only internally visible and intended to keep an overview of the various exceptions.
  3. Select a day or period. Indicate whether you want to copy the opening hours from a different exception or add a new exception.
  4. Inform your guests by setting up a message. With a background and text color you can make the exception extra visible in the calendar when you make a reservation. Ideal for an event or special promotion!

Highlight the exceptions in your opening hours in the calendar to inform your guests

Do you work with tickets and organize an event every month? Or do you have adjusted opening times in winter? If you create an exception from a copy, your tickets will also remain linked! You can find more information about creating tickets in the Tickets-guide.

Adding a shift

You can add shifts to the days with adjusted opening times as well. 

  1. Click on Add shifts to add your exception and choose the desired reservation times. 

IMPORTANT note on Tickets: Do you work with tickets? Set all the reservation times and not just the times you want to link to a ticket.

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