Formitable is built for high volume realtime reservation management. But with slow hardware, you will quickly want to return to pen and paper. Therefore we advice to invest in your hardware. Makes the job a lot easier and more fun!

1. Laptop

For your basic work station we recommend a laptop or Chromebook, because a large screen, a mouse(pad) and a keyboard lets you work fast and flawless.

For a laptop we recommend a MacBook Air or (more budget friendly) an Acer Chromebook 514 CB514-1HT-C3EG.

A laptop is recommended as your basic work station, but Formitable runs on all devices.

2. Tablet or smartphone

Formitable runs on all tablets and smartphones. So you can manage bookings wherever you are. Touch devices are very suitable as a secondary device, mainly for usage during service. Perfect for quickly looking up today’s guests, changing tables and checking-in guests.

Please note that you need iOS 10 to run Formitable on your Apple devices. Typically iPad's manufactured before 2012 will not run iOS 10.

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