Formitable is built for high volume reservation management. Therefore, Table view gives you a clear split screen interface. Here a three ways to add reservations.

1. Button

Click or tap the Add a reservation button. The system automatically chooses a table. By default table selection is set to Auto select. This means  Formitable chooses the best available table based on the number of guests and time. A preview will be shown on the left side of the screen. This way you can add reservations quickly, conveniently and without errors.

2. Timeline

Click or tap a time in the timeline. Now you've already selected a time. The system automatically chooses a table, same as using the Add a reservation button. Using the timeline is the fastest way of adding a reservation, without the risk of making mistakes.

3. Grid

You can also add reservations by clicking the grid in Table view. This way you make the choice for a table and a time. If you make a mistake by, for example, seating four guests on a table for two, the system will give you feedback. Using the grid is fast, but not entirely dummy proof.

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