Earning free months

We are noticing that more and more restaurateurs are joining Formitable through recommendations from friends and colleagues. This is something we love to see and this is why we want to return te favor.

Therefore if you invite a friend you will receive a free month for every restaurant that starts with Formitable but that's not all... your friends will also get their first month for free!

If you haven't invited any friends yet keep on reading to get started.

First log into Formitable and choose invite friends by clicking on your name in the top right corner. 

If you're working on a smartphone or tablet you can find the invite friends page by clicking the hamburger menu icon in the top left and navigating to Account > Invite friends.

Choose "Vrienden uitnodigen" and add the contact details of the
restaurateur you want to invite. Then press "Versturen" to send your invitation.

Your invitation is now on it's way!

Your friend will receive an invitation to try Formitable 14 days for free. When their restaurant starts with Formitable, they will receive the first month as a gift from you!

The status of your invitations can be found on the invite friends page as well.

Got a lot of friends?

Fear not... you can earn up to 6 months of free Formitable!

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