Formitable is fully designed around experience-based reservations. Through Shifts you determine when and how your guests can book these dining experiences.

Shifts give you full control over your planning and online availability. Create a Shift, link it to an Experience and follow the steps in the menu to make the booking experience as unique as your restaurant. 

One time or recurring?
Does your restaurant have events that occur frequently? A weekly Tuesday special, an event every last Sunday of the month or simply a daily lunch promotion? 

Periodic events that repeat themselves over and over can be easily added in Formitable. By default, a new Shift will be created as a one time event, unless you chose that the Shift should be repeated.

1. Create a Shift with the + Button

Go to Settings > Shift. Click on the "New Shift" button marked with a PLUS.

2. Select an Experience to be linked to the Shift (Menu > Experience)

Select an Experience to be linked to the new Shift. 

Don't have a dedicated Experience for lunch, dinner or groups yet? You can also quickly create a new Experience by clicking on the Add Experience button.

3. Change the booking time frame and recurrence (Menu > Time & days)

Bookable time frame. Change the Start Time and End Time of the shift.
This is the time frame when guests can place reservations for this experience.

Start Date. By default your shift will start the day you create it. If you want it to start somewhere in the future, select a different start date.

Repeat this shift. A new Shift will be created as a one time event, unless you chose that the Shift should be repeated.

  • Never. You shift will be a one time event and will not be repeated. 
  • Daily. Your shift will be repeated every day. Or every 2nd, 3rd, ... day
  • Weekly. Your shift will be repeated every week. You can select on which days. 
  • Monthly. Your shift will be repeated each month. You can select on which days. Do you want it to be repeated every 3rd Sunday of the month? Click on Show as weeks and select the 3rd Sunday.
  • Optional: END. Do you want your shift to stop after a given time? Select an end date. If you set no end date, then your shift will repeat forever.

4. Change the number of guest and seating time (Menu > Seating)

Guests per Reservation. Change the minimum and maximum number of guest you want for the reservations.

Seating Limit. You can stop accepting reservations after certain limits have been reached. If these limits have been reached, your restaurant is no longer available for online reservation. 

  • Max guests refers to the total number of covers being seated for this shift. 
  • Max reservations refers to the number of reservations placed for this shift. 
  • You can also chose to Ignore Pacing Limits already in place. 

Seating Time. How long do your guests normally sit at the table? Change the minimum and maximum duration accordingly. 

  • Max. End Time [PRO feature] is the time when the latest reservation should end. 
  • Squeeze gap [PRO feature]. If you have shortened (squeeze) reservations you may want some buffer time to clean and set-up the table again. The squeeze gap is the time before the next reservation is accepted after a squeeze reservation.

5. Select the bookable areas (Menu > Areas)

Do you only want group reservations on the top floor? Do you have a Chef's Table?
If your restaurant has tables in different areas, you can select here which areas should be bookable for this particular shift. 

6. Change the booking window (Menu > Booking window)

You decide how far in advance your guest are allowed to place reservations. If you want some time to prepare for a group reservation you can for example select 1 day as the minimum time in advance.

7. Create private events (Menu > Advanced)

Do you want to host a private event for close friends or VIP's? Select Private Shift and shift can only be booked when users enter your website with the specific link shown.

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