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With Formitable you have the freedom to set your table plan according to the design of your restaurant: Areas, Tables, and the maximum number of guests per table.

Just started?

Your Formitable account is set up with a standard table plan with two areas: Restaurant and Bar. You can easily adjust the areas and tables.

Would you rather start all over again? Click on an area, then first remove the tables (Clear all tables via ⚙️) and then remove the area (Remove via ⚙️).

Adding an Area

  • In Areas click the blue + icon.

  • Enter the name of the areas (for example 'Terrace'). You can change the name of the area later.

  • Click Save.

Removing an Area

  • Click on an Area.

  • First, remove the tables (Clear all tables) via the ⚙️ icon.

  • Then remove the area itself (Remove).

You can only delete Tables if there are no future reservations on them.

Adding Tables

  • Click on the Area to which you want to add Tables.

  • Click on the blue + icon .

  • Enter the table number or the name of the table (for example 'Bar 1'). You can change the name of the Table later.

  • First set the maximum number of guests for the Table.

  • Then set the minimum number of guests.

  • Click Save.

💡 Tip on the minimum number of guests: You can usually leave the minimum at 1 or 2. Only if you never want to give a table for four to less than 3 people should you increase the minimum. Otherwise, Formitable will always fill tables as efficiently as possible (e.g. two people will be seated at a table set to 1-2 persons). The risk of setting the system too strict is that you will miss reservations if they do not meet your minimum number of people. You don't want two guests at a table of four.

Take Tables offline

By default, the switch for Tables is set to blue, which means that the Table can be reserved online. If you want to see certain Tables in your Overview, but do not want guests to be able to book them online (for example patio Tables), simply set the switch to gray. Also useful if you don't want to book 100% online yet because you always want to keep some tables free for walk-ins.

Removing tables

  • Click on the ⋮ icon next to the tables.

  • Delete the table (Delete).

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