Do you spend a lot of time importing all your newsletter subscribers into Mailchimp by hand? The Mailchimp integration frees up your time by doing it for you. This guide shows you how to set it up. 

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To connect Mailchimp with your Formitable account you need to add your Mailchimp username, an API key, and the Audience ID. We tell you exactly where you can find these in Mailchimp.

Install the Mailchimp App in Formitable

  • Go to the Formitable app store by clicking your initials in the top-right corner > apps and install the Mailchimp app. 

  • Open the Settings of the Mailchimp app. Here you need to add your Mailchimp username, an API key, and -your audience key.

  • Click on Save Settings once you have added all three. 

Find your Mailchimp username

Create a Mailchimp API key

The Mailchimp API key allows the Formitable system to connect to your unique Mailchimp account.

Find your Mailchimp Audience Id

Each list of subscribers in Mailchimp is called an audience and has a unique Id. 

  • In Mailchimp, go to Audience > Manage Audience menu > Settings

  • At the bottom of the page, you find the unique Id for your audience. Copy the Audience Id.

  • In the Formitable Mailchimp app settings, paste the unique Id into the field Audience Id.

All guests that subscribe to your updates will now be automatically added to your Mailchimp newsletter audience list.

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