Are you curious how your guests experienced their dining experience?

Formitable can send an automatic review request to your guest. These emails will be sent the day after a reservation took place. The results are visible in your Formitable dashboard and at Insights.

How to enable and customize your feedback email

  1. In Formitable, go to Insights > Reviews
  2. Click on Settings icon in the top right
  3. Enable the switch for 'collect reviews'.
  4. You can now edit and personalize the text that will be sent to your guest.
    Note that it's not necessary to do so, because an automatic email will be sent out once you have enabled the feedback mails. 
  5. Don't forget to save your settings

Do not want to send automatic feedback requests anymore?

  1. Simply disabled the feedback email in the settings.
  2. Guests that made a reservation after disabling, will not receive feedback requests anymore. Guests that made their reservation while the app was still active, will still receive a feedback request.

Tip. You can test your feedback emails at Settings > Emails > Test your emails > Global > Feedback.


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