With the integration between Lightspeed and Formitable working with real-time reservations is more easy and robust, your availability will always be up-to-date and you can link cash register data to your guests. Tickets and gift vouchers are also displayed in the comments section in Lightspeed.


  • New! Open a receipt on check-in. Prepayments will be automatically deducted.
  • Sync your Formitable reservations with Lightspeed POS.
  • Open a reciept in Lightspeed and automatically check-in reservations in Formitable.
  • Print a receipt in Lightspeed to automatically check-out reservations in Formitable. 
  • After check-out the receipt is saved with the reservation, so you build a valuable guest database.
  • With the integration between Formitable and Lightspeed, you can work on one screen during your service.

Install the Lightspeed app and wait till the your integration is activated

In Formitable, go to Apps > Lightspeed. Click on Install.

We will connect your Lightspeed POS to Formitable. Typically within one business day you will receive an email from support@formitable.com saying your integration is active. After this, you can start working with the integration.

Connecting tables to Lightspeed

When the integration is active, it is necessary that you link your POS tables to the tables in Formitable.

Go to Settings › Tables and click Sync POS tables at the bottom left. Based on the table name, Formitable will try to automatically link tables.

Check all tables to make sure that all tables are properly linked. You can click Confirm per table or per area to Confirm the link.

Don't have an area with tables in Formitable yet? You can choose to create one, based on your POS plan, automatically by clicking on Create area.

Set up the Lightspeed app

In the app settings you can choose which tasks the integration will carry out for you.

Create walk-in. If active, Formitable automatically places a walk-in on the table on which you open a receipt if there is no reservation at that time.

What should we automate for you?

Check-in reservations.
If active, Formitable automatically checks in a reservation that is on the table on which you open a receipt. (in Match deviation you can set the margin when looking for a reservation on the relevant table)

Match deviation. With this setting you can specify the margin in minutes in which Formitable searches for a reservation on a table. If this setting is set to 20 minutes, a guest may be 20 minutes late or early and Formitable will take this into account when checking in a reservation.

Create an order on check-in. With this setting active you can seat reservations straight from Formitable by simply checking them in. Prepayments will be automatically deducted on the receipt in Lightspeed. 

Formitable will search for a user named Formitable or otherwise use the first available waiter. Please make sure that all other users are able to open the receipts.
[this feature currently is in beta, send your feedback to developers@formitable.com]

Important! If you open a receipt outside the Match deviation margin, Formitable will create a walk-in on the relevant table. If a guest arrives too late or early, it is imperative that you adjust the reservation in Formitable to the correct time before you open the ticket in Lightspeed. If, for example, you only work with 1 shift per night, you can easily increase this margin.


Synchronization. Formitable synchronizes reservations and changes with Lightspeed every minute. If a reservation is made in Formitable, you will find it instantly in Lightspeed under Extra › Reservations. In the comments field you will find information
about a possible ticket or gift voucher ans other guest remarks.

Two options:

  1. Check-in a reservation (Create an order on check-in setting must be active). Check-in your guests in Formitable to seat them in Lightspeed and open a receipt on the selected table. This is the recommended way of working and is least error-prone.
  2. Open receipt in Lightspeed. By changing the status of a reservation from To Check to Seated, you open a receipt in Lightspeed and Formitable automatically checks in the reservation. 

You can also open a receipt directly on the relevant table. Formitable will look for the right reservation, but then Lightspeed will not process the guest remarks, tickets and gift vouchers.

Change tables. As long as no receipt has been opened in Lightspeed, you can change tables in Formitable. You will see the change almost immediately in the Reservation screen in Lightspeed.
After you have opened a receipt, we'll link the receipt to the reservation in Formitable. From that moment, Formitable assumes that the cash register is leading in the table planning. If you place the voucher in Lightspeed on another table, you will see this change reflect in Formitable within a minute.

If you change the table of a reservation in Formitable after opening a receipt, this change will automatically be reverted because the receipt is still on the original table in Lightspeed.

Close receipt. As soon as you finalize the receipt in Lightspeed, the reservation will be automatically checked out in Formitable. This way your table will be immediately available for new guests. Formitable will link the receipt from the cash register to your reservation. The receipt can be found in the Activity tab of a reservation. This way you can easily see which menu your returning guests have previously eaten with you. In future releases we will make this data available throughout Formitable.

Checked out by Lightspeed, saving the receipt with the reservation


  1. Before you start working, carefully check all settings so you know which actions can occur
  2. Formitable synchronizes every minute with Lightspeed. It can therefore take a little time before a change becomes visible.


"Syncing with Lightspeed made setting up my table plan in Formitable super easy"
Nicolaas Homan
- Los Otros (Ibiza)

"We are a walk-in heavy restaurant offering just a few spots for reservations. With this integration, we only need to use the Lightspeed app on the floor."
Ron Simpson
- The Avocado Show

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