Mollie ensures that your guests can pay with all payment methods, including iDeal, Paypal and credit card

You receive the proceeds of gift vouchers and tickets in your own Mollie account. With a Mollie account you have insight in your own statistics and you have complete freedom in your settings. This way you can choose which payment methods you want to activate and how often you pay yourself. Mollie works quickly and safely and through the deep integration with Formitable, guests experience a personal payment experience.

Mollie ensures that your guests can pay with all modern payment methods

Create an account

You can create a Mollie account via this link. Once your account is created, Mollie asks you to activate the account in a few extra steps. Mollie guides you step by step. You have to go through all the steps before your account is activated and can be linked to Formitable.

Our tips:

  1. When Mollie asks for a reason for creating the account, enter: "Reservations with down payment in cooperation with Formitable".
  2. When you activate your credit card, Mollie will also ask for a reason. Enter the same reason for this. As a maximum for your credit card, you can enter 1500 euros.
  3. Choose only direct payment methods such as iDeal, Paypal and credit card and no indirect such as Klarna Postpay and SEPA transfer.

Need more help when creating an account? Then check the Mollie Help Center.

Connecting to Formitable

Is your Mollie account activated? Then you can link this yourself to Formitable via the blue 'Connect to Mollie' button on the Settings > Setup page. Click on 'Access' to complete the integration.

Click on Grant access ("toegang geven") to complete the integration

Mollie rates

For every payment method Mollie asks for a transaction fee. These costs can be found on the Rates page of Mollie. Per payment method you can choose whether you want to pay the costs yourself or let the guest pay. For example, by paying iDeal and Bancontact yourself and not the credit card and PayPal, you can keep the costs under control while still offering a modern and hospitable check-out.

In the Tickets app settings you can choose per payment method whether you want to pay the transaction costs (e.g. iDeal) yourself or let the guest pay for it.

Your guests can choose from the different payment methods that you enabled

Connecting to administration

  1. In Formitable you will find an overview of all orders under Insights > Orders. An order means that a payment has been made. Normal reservations without payment are therefore not included in this overview. Orders can be exported from Formitable as an Excel file.
  2. In Mollie you can download different file types. Go to Administratie > Uitbetalingen and choose Export. For more information about the accounting process:
  3. To match the transactions of Formitable and Mollie, you can use the Order ID. This can be found in both the export of Formitable and the export of Mollie.
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