Setting-up & working with Mollie for online payments

Mollie handles the payments for tickets, vouchers, and take away. Create an account, offer products, handle refunds, and administration.

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If you want to start offering prepaid tickets, gift vouchers and take away, your guests need to be able to somehow pay for these online. This is where Mollie comes in.

We at Formitable are good at creating an online guest experience - we leave the payments to the professionals. That is the reason why we work together with Mollie - one of the biggest payment processors in Europe. They make sure your guests can pay with all modern payment methods like iDeal, Paypal, credit card, or ApplePay.

Everything is seamlessly integrated into your reservation widget. Easy for your restaurant to set-up and effortlessly for your guests.

What are the costs for Mollie?

Mollie charges a fee per transaction. For example €0,29 for an iDeal transaction. Other than that, there are no minimum costs, no contracts, no monthly fees. You only pay for successful transactions.

Transaction fees charged by Formitable can be found here.

Set up your Mollie account

  • Create a Mollie account using this link.

  • Activate common online payment methods like iDeal, Paypal and credit card.

  • If Mollie asks for a reason for opening the account or using a particular payment method, enter: "Prepayments in cooperation with Formitable".

  • Usually, after 1-2 working days, your account will be activated. Mollie informs you about this by mail.

Link Mollie to Formitable

  • Once your Mollie account and payment methods are activated, go to Formitable and select the Settings Setup page.

  • Scroll to the Payments section, click on the blue Connect via Mollie button.

  • A dialog pop-up opens, and you might be asked to log in with your Mollie account.

  • Click on the Connect button at the bottom.

  • The window will automatically close itself.

  • Your Mollie account is now connected to Formitable! 🎉

Sell tickets, vouchers, and takeaway

Is your Mollie account linked to Formitable? Start to generate revenue:

Which payment methods you want to offer for tickets, vouchers and takeaway can be set individually. Also, you can decide if you want to pay the Mollie transaction fee yourself, or if you want to let the guest pay the fee.

  • In Formitable, go to Settings > Setup, the Payments section, and click Manage payment methods.

📌 Test the payment process: If you want to see how the whole payment process looks like from a guests' point of view, enable the test mode. You can now make 'free' purchases in the widget on your website.

⚠️ Set your widget offline while you test. While Mollie is in test mode everyone can order for free - even your guests. Set your widget offline to prevent guests from ordering. At the top of the Widgets page, you can set your widget offline. Then click on configuration page to see a preview of your widget. After testing, don't forget to turn test mode off again and set your widget online again.

How and when do I get my revenue?

As soon as a guest pays for a ticket, voucher or takeaway, the amount is immediately added to your Mollie account. How often Mollie pays out and to which bank account can be set in your Mollie dashboard, at Settings > Payouts.

Financial administration - how to get it right

In Formitable you can see your generated product revenue in the Dashboard, or you can export all your orders including and excluding VAT as Excel files at Order Insights via de ⋮ menu.

We do advise using Mollie for financial administration, as you can generate different kinds of exports there and they also integrate with bookkeeping systems (incl. MT940 files)

Frequently asked questions

⚠️ My test payments get stuck at 'We are processing your order'. How come?

Usually, this happens when you try to test payments with products costing just a few cents. Mollie denies processing payments if the order amount is lower than the transaction fees.

  • Instead of using products with a value of €0.01, use the test mode as described above with your real products and their actual prices.

🥡 How do I let guests pay the Mollie fee for takeaway or credit cards?

Choose if you want to pay the Mollie fees yourself or forward them to the guests. You can determine this for each feature and for each individual payment methods.

So you could choose to pay iDeal and credit card fees yourself for prepaid reservations, but always let guests pay the fees for takeaway and gift vouchers.

  • In Formitable, go to Settings > Setup, scroll to the Payments section.

  • Click on Manage payment methods.

  • For each payment method, you can choose if the guests pay the fee.

💳 How do I add more payment methods?

If you want to add more payment methods to your Formitable widget, you need to add them in Mollie first. Once the payment method is approved by Mollie, you can enable them in Formitable.

  • In the Mollie dashboard, go to Settings > Website profiles > Payment methods.

  • Here you can enable or disable the payment methods.

  • Wait till the payment methods are approved by Mollie.

  • In Formitable, go to Settings > Setup and scroll to the Payments section.

  • Click on Manage payment methods and enable the payment methods, in case they are not automatically enabled.

  • The new payment methods will now be available to your guests.

💔 How can I give guests a refund for their ticket or order?

You can always check the status of a transaction or refund in Mollie. To quickly go to the right order within Mollie, go to Order insights in Formitable and click on the order. Then click on the 'View in Mollie' link in the ⋮ menu. You will be forwarded to the specific order in your Mollie dashboard.

  • If a guest cancels within the refund window of a reservation, Mollie will take care of everything. Your guest will automatically receive their refund on their bank account or card within 2-3 business days.

  • If you cancel a guests' reservation, you can choose if you want to give a refund or not.

  • If you cancel a guests' takeaway order, you can choose if you want to give a refund or not.

  • If you want to manually give guests a (partial) refund, you can do so at any time in the Mollie dashboard by clicking on the 'View in Mollie' link in the order.

👩‍🍳 How do I switch to another Mollie account?

If your restaurant is under new management or you simply want to change the Mollie account linked to Formitable, you need to disconnect your current Mollie account and connect the new account. To make sure you do not link the wrong account again, you need to log out of Mollie in the process.

  • In Formitable, go to Settings, select the Setup page, scroll to the Payments section, click on the disconnect button.

  • Go to Mollie, click on your account name in the very top left, and then log out.

  • Follow the steps mentioned above for Link Mollie to Formitable. When asked to log in at the Mollie pop-up enter the credentials for the new Mollie account.

💸 How do I switch from Euro to another currency?

Is your restaurant situated outside of the Euro-zone? British pound, US dollar, or Danish krone. Mollie accepts 29 different non-EUR currencies.

💬 Having trouble with something within the Mollie dashboard?

As Formitable, we can't look into your Mollie account. If you have a problem or question with something on the Mollie website itself, their support team will be able to help you better than the Formitable team.

Not sure who to contact? Ask us and we'll let you know who you can turn to! 😇

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