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Creating and selling gift vouchers
Creating and selling gift vouchers

Create and sell digital gift vouchers, fully integrated into the reservation system

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Get the most out of gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are a win-win-win: guests enjoy giving them, it is always nice to receive one and for you as a restaurateur it's extra revenue. It's a way to attain new guests and all vouchers that are not returned are a 100% profit! An ideal product. Creating and redeeming offline gift vouchers takes time and can be complicated. Luckily, Formitable has introduced digital gift vouchers, fully integrated into the reservation system. You can make your own arrangements and choose which one you want to sell as gift vouchers. Next, you can immediately start selling you digital gift vouchers through the Formitable widget on your website.

Have a look at the gift voucher shop from Daalder for some inspiration

Before you start

Connect with Mollie or Stripe and test your payments in Test Mode

  1. Connect Formitable with Mollie or Stripe. You collect the proceeds of gift vouchers in your own Mollie or Stripe account. No Mollie or Stripe account yet? Sign up here for Mollie or sign up here for Stripe.

  2. Test modus. Have you connected with Mollie or Stripe, installed the Gift vouchers app, and created your first gift voucher? Before you go live, you can test buying gift vouchers in Test mode. Do not forget to switch off Test mode afterward! The Test mode can be found under Settings > Setup.

  3. The second you’re done setting up Gift vouchers, your Formitable widget will show a 'Gift voucher' button. That's a great start, but we also advise you to create a dedicated page on your restaurant website and activate the Promotional pop-up to boost your sales.

Creating gift vouchers

To create a gift voucher go to Products > Gift Vouchers. Click the Create voucher button. You can choose a Ticket voucher (packages) and Amount (fixed amount).

  1. Ticket voucher. Would you like to offer an experience such as a high tea or an all-inclusive dinner? Choose the first tab ‘Ticket voucher’ and select a ticket from the list. You can change the title, text, and amount to make the Ticket suitable as a gift voucher.

    💡 A Ticket voucher is linked to a Ticket, and therefore the Ticket of your voucher needs to be bookable. Otherwise, your guests can't redeem their gift voucher. Connect a Shift to the original Ticket to create online availability. You can set the Shift to private so that only people with the voucher can book it.

  2. Amount. You can also offer fixed amounts as a gift voucher. This would be a nice addition to your experiences. Go to the second tab Amount, choose a suggested amount or fill in an amount yourself. For this type of voucher, you can upload your own design (Image) or simply choose a color (Color). Your logo is automatically incorporated into the design.

    💡 Refrain from creating only expensive gift vouchers, but instead, also offer several cheaper options. This way you stay within everyone's budget.

By default, gift vouchers can be redeemed until two years after the date of purchase. You can adjust this under Settings > Setup to a minimum of one year and a maximum of five years.

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