What device should I use?

Formitable works on all devices but we recommend investing in good hardware for an optimal experience.

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Formitable is a web application that runs on any device with a web browser. This means you can open Formitable on your laptop, tablet, and smartphone and the only requirement is an internet connection.

That being said, Formitable also partially depends on your device's hardware. Because most older devices tend to get slower over time, the user experience on these devices may not be great. Therefore we always recommend investing in good hardware for an optimal experience when managing your reservations.

We recommend working with a laptop for an optimal experience

Working on a laptop

For your basic work station, we recommend using a laptop or Chromebook. The combination of a large screen, a mouse(pad), and a keyboard enables you to work much faster and flawlessly.

If you want to invest in a laptop we recommend a laptop that's no older than 3 years with an exception to high-end laptops like Macbook Pro's which tend to have a longer lifespan than the average.

When you don't want to spend too much on a new laptop a Chromebook is a good and more budget-friendly alternative. Chromebooks are fast, lightweight, and automatically keep themselves updated in the background. The price tag ranges between €200 - €900. If you need help choosing the right Chromebook you can compare the different models on this comparison page.

Chromebooks are a good and budget-friendly alternative to normal laptops

Using a tablet or smartphone

Smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets are ideal to quickly peek at today's planning, check-in guests or add and manage reservations wherever you are. 

Because of the smaller screens, touch devices are more suitable as a secondary device and when you're managing a lot of reservations on a daily basis we don't recommend using these as your main device.

📌 If you're using an Apple device you need iOS 10 or higher to use Formitable. Typically devices manufactured before 2012 will not run iOS 10.

Formitable is also usable on mobile devices which is ideal for quick insights.

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