To change tables for a reservation you have two options:

1. Drag & drop in Table view

Go to Overview > Table view to drag a reservation to another table. When you drag, the reservation the time will remain the same, so you won't make any mistakes.

Expert tips:

  • Hold SHIFT to drag the reservation to another time.
  • On mobile or tablet use two fingers to activate drag mode.

2. Tap table overview in Reservation view

Open a reservation, tap or click on the table number in the Reservation view. The table overview folds out. From this overview you can easily add or remove multiple tables. Check the color indicators green (free) and red (booked) to avoid overlapping reservations. 

Expert tip:

  • With Select all you can book an entire area in one go!

 Overlapping reservations

For fast reservation management Formitable lets you overlap reservations, while showing you options how to resolve it.


Switch between two reservations.


Let Formitable do the thinking for you, based on your Table settings. 


Shorten the first reservation.


Undo the table change.

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