This article explains how you can embed the Formitable widget on your Wordpress website. This will only take a few minutes and doesn't require any coding skill.

Administrator role
To install the Formitable plugin you need to be logged in with a user that has an administrator role.

Restaurant UID (Unique Identifier)
To connect the plugin to your Formitable account you need your restaurant UID.


Step 1
Log in to Wordpress and go to the Plugins section.

Step 2
Choose Add New and search for "Formitable Development Kit". 

Note: If your prefer to install the Formitable plugin manually you can also download the plugin from the plugin page or click here to download it directly.

Step 3
the plugin and click Activate. (The widget won't be visible yet.)

Step 4
Go to Settings > Formitable to set up the behaviour and appearance of your widget.

Step 5
Paste your restaurant UID. You can further customise the widget with the settings below.


Enable analytics to track the activity of your widget.

Enable to make the widget appear on your website.

Show a fixed "Book a table" button in the right bottom corner of your website.

Toolbar (on mobile)
Show a fixed "Book a table" button in the right bottom corner of your website on mobile devices.

Open widget on load
Choose "yes" to make the widget instantly appear or choose a "delay" in milliseconds. Select "no" to keep the widget hidden.

Choose the accent color of your widget. (HEX / RGB)

Choose "Nederlands", "English" or "Auto" for automatic detection.

Add a tag to make tracking the source of your reservations with analytics easier.

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