This article explains how you can embed the Formitable widget on your Squarespace website. This will only take a few minutes and doesn't require any coding skill.

Step 1

Log into Formitable and go to Settings > Widgets.

Step 2
Open the configuration page. On this page you can customise the widget and generate the embed code that you need to add to your Squarespace site later on.

On the configuration page you can:

  • Select a color to match the style of your website.
  • Choose when the widget should appear to visitors.
  • Choose if the toolbar with reservation button should be visible.
  • Enable the analytics module to track your widget. (See our analytics guide to learn more.)

Step 3
Log in to Squarespace and select your website.

Step 4
Navigate to Settings > Advanced > Code Injection

Step 5
Copy the code from the configuration page and paste it in the FOOTER code area and. Press Save to make your widget visible on your website.

Call to Actions

Whether you chose to make your widget hidden you might want to create a button to open the widget. This can be done easily in Squarespace with the following steps. 

  • To create a new button in Squarespace choose ADD BLOCK and choose Button.
  • Enter #ft-open in the URL field. 

This works the same way for text links. After applying your changes clicking the button will open the widget.

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