Formitable is fully designed around experience-based reservations. Adding a reservation is easy and the system helps you to fill your tables as efficiently as possible. 

If you add a reservation the system automatically selects the most appropriate experience, table, number of guests and time. Of course you can adjust all these to your liking.

You can add a reservation in 3 different ways in the Table view

  • Option 1 is the safest option that automatically selects the next available time slot and a table. 
  • Option 2 is best if you want to add a reservation at a specific time.
  • Option 3 is best if you want to place a reservation on a specific table.

Option 1 - Automatic

Click on the plus (+) button in the top right corner to add a new reservation.
The reservation will be added at the first available time that can be booked. Formitable automatically selects an empty table for you.

You can freely change the start time of the reservation. If you click on the drop-down menu next to the start time all available online times will be shown in green. 

Option 2 - Timeline

The timeline shows the online availability during the day. 

  • White means you are available for online reservations. 
  • Light grey shows that there is no online availability. 
  • Dark grey means that your restaurant is fully booked at that time.

Click on a time in the timeline to add a reservation.
The reservation will be added with the chosen start time on an available table.

Option 3 - Area

Click somewhere in the grid. The reservation will be added on the chosen table and at the chosen time. The blue markers on top and on the left tell you where the reservation will be added. 


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