Close restaurant for a day (or more)

Change your regular opening times for national holidays, vacation or special occasions. Close your restaurant to make it not bookable.

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Public holidays, a special occasion, or a well-deserved summer break for the whole team. You and your team deserve a day off once in a while. Make sure your guests can not place reservations on those days by closing your restaurant in Formitable. 

There are three ways to close your restaurant in Formitable. 

  1. Close a day in the Overview. 

  2. Closing your shifts in the Shift Week view. 

  3. Adding Closed days in the Shifts Settings.

Option 1 is the quickest way. Option 3 is especially useful if you want to close multiple days or weeks.

Please note that when you close any days or shifts, guests are no longer able to book on these time slots.

1. Close a day in the overview

  1. Go to your reservation Overview.

  2. Go to the day that you want to close. Click on the label Open or Full at the bottom right.

  3. Select Closed at accept online reservations and click Save.

2. Closing days per week

  1. Go to Settings > Shifts and click on the grid icon to switch to the Week view

  2. Click on Closed for the days that you want to close your restaurant. 

3. Add closed days or periods

The Special & closed days page comes in handy if you prefer to quickly close multiple days or even periods. This is also the place to be when you need a quick overview of all days that you have manually closed.

  1. Go to Settings > Shifts and click on the Special & closed days tab

  2. Click on the big blue PLUS button to add one closed days.

  3. Select the Start and the End date of the closing period. 

  4. Click on Apply. Your newly added closed day(s) will show up in the overview.

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