Create exceptions to your daily shifts

Change the booking window or the number of guests for one day for a particular shift.

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Is something happening in your restaurant that's different from the regular workflow? Need to change the opening hours next Wednesday? Need a longer heads-up for group reservations on Saturday?

Formitable offers great flexibility because we know that no day is the same in a restaurant. Quickly change your online availability in real-time to match what's going on.

Changing your shifts means changing your booking availability

When your restaurant is available for bookings is determined by your shifts. Change your shifts and you change the way how people can book at your restaurant. 

You can do this either for 1 occasion or structurally for all occasions. If you change a shift you will be asked if you only want to change this one occurrence or all occurrences. 

  • "Update only this occurrence" changes the shift on one day

  • "Updating all occurrences" structurally changes the shift for all days in the future

  • Do you only take reservations for the 2nd floor next Thursday? Change the Area in your shift for that day and select "Update only this occurrence".

  • Do you want to start lunch half an hour earlier every day from now on? Change the "Start shift at" time and select "Update all occurrences"

Example 1: How to change the Area on a particular day

In this example, you learn how to change the bookable area for a special occasion.

Need the second floor for construction or extra prep-work next week on Thursday? Only accept online reservations for the first floor on that day. By changing the booking area you can limit where guests are able to place reservations.

  • Navigate to a day and click on the Shift you want to change.

  • Select Areas in the left menu.

  • Click on Select specific areas. Select only the areas where you want to accept bookings for this shift.

  • Click Save and select Update only this occurrence to only apply your changes to the selected day only.

Example 2: Change bookable times for an earlier lunch

Imagine you need to shorten the lunch to prepare for a big event. Change the Start and End time of a single Shift to change the time when guests can place reservations on that particular day.

  • Follow the steps in the example above, but instead of Areas select Time & days.

  • Change the Start Shift at and the End Shift at date both to 1 hour earlier.

  • Click Save and select Update only this occurrence to apply your changes to the selected day only.

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