With Tickets, you can create and offer unique experiences and promotions on your own website. Plus you can easily promote them through your newsletter or social media channels. Use your most beautiful images, write clear descriptions, and guide your guests in a new and better way through the reservation process.

Add a Ticket

  • Go to Products > Tickets

  • Click the blue '+' sign at the top left to add a Ticket

  • Upload an image. Be critical because an image says more than 1000 words. Now is the time to show what you have at home!

  • Choose your languages. If you have the widget in multiple languages ​​on your website, enter the content (title and description) in multiple languages ​​as well. You do this by clicking on the language switches.

  • Choose a title. For example, 5-Course Menu or Lobster Menu

  • Enter a description. Having a clear description helps you not only to perfectly describe what it is you have to offer but also to manage expectations pre-booking. Do you have a set group package? Then guests probably would like to know upfront what the set menu entails.
    Would you rather keep it simple? Then only enter a title. This is suitable, for example, if you want to offer a 4, 5 and 6-course menu and there is no further difference between the Tickets. If you only enter a title, the widget does not open the ticket first but goes directly to the check-out screen.

  • You can now create online availability for each Ticket under Settings > Shifts. Read this article to learn how you can connect Shifts to Tickets.

Want to pin a Ticket to your Widget so it's always shown?

💡 Highlight this Ticket
Highlight your ticket if you want guests to see your ticket immediately when they come to your website. Perfect if you want to promote an event, a seasonal special, or a special offer such as an Early Bird discount. A Highlight is less suitable for reservations without a promotional character, such as a normal lunch reservation or a group menu.

❗ Do you have multiple events and promotions? You can highlight unlimited Tickets, but drag them in the correct order. You will see no more than two Tickets directly on most screens. So put your most important events and actions at the top.

Set a price and ask for a prepayment (optional)

If you want guests to make a prepayment, naturally you have to set a price for your Ticket. Prepayments are the most effective way to avoid costly no-shows and late cancellations. In addition, asking for a prepayment is a great way to generate a cash flow, and you can even use prepayments to sell tickets for events.

To work with prepayments you need to link a payment provider to Formitable.

📌 Read this article to learn how to connect a payment provider to Formitable.

There are 3 ways to ask for a prepayment:

  1. Ask for a prepayment of a full amount
    Select 'Full amount' when you want guests to pay the full Ticket price in advance and fill in the amount guests have to pay in advance when making a reservation.

  2. Ask for a deposit instead of an entire amount
    Select 'Deposit' if you want guests to make a prepayment of any amount of your choosing regardless of the total price.

  3. Charge a no-show fee by asking for a credit card guarantee
    Choose this option when you don't want guests to pay an amount in advance, but instead, you want to charge their credit card in case they don't show up for their reservation (without canceling). This option is only available when you use Stripe as a payment provider

💡 Not asking for a prepayment? You can still show a full menu price. Switch 'Show a full price' on, under 'No payment and fill in the amount of your menu or arrangement. Guests won't have to make a prepayment but can see upfront what the menu will cost.

📌 Read this article to learn more about how to ask for a prepayment for reservations.

1. Prepayment / 2. Original price / 3. Full amount

Keep an overview of your Tickets

Once you've created multiple Tickets, of course, you would like to keep a clear overview of everything that you offer. For example, bookable and not bookable Tickets, but also which Tickets are missing content. Both can be viewed in the blink of an eye in your Ticket overview.

Filter on Ticket Status

Filter on Ticket status in the left menu bar in order to see, for example, only bookable Tickets:

Or view in the blink of an eye which Tickets are bookable by scanning Ticket statusses:

Complete your Ticket images, titles, and descriptions

Formitable gives you a notification when one or more of your Tickets are incomplete. This way you'll be able to supplement your content where necessary and only show 'complete' Tickets in all languages.

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