Close a Shift (disable certain reservations)

Not able to run the lunch shift next week? Want to disable dinner reservations? Close a shift on a specific day so guests can not book it.

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Sometimes you can not do a regular shift. Close it to prevent guests from booking tables for it. 

Are you not able to run the lunch shift next week? Or maybe you have a private event or internal meeting when you are not able to run a normal service. Quickly change your online availability in real-time to match what's going on.

Formitable allows for extra flexibility because we know that no day is the same in a restaurant.

Changing your shifts means changing your booking availability

When your restaurant is available for bookings is determined by your shifts. Change your shifts and you change the way how people can book at your restaurant. 

You can do this either for 1 occasion or structurally for all occasions. If you delete a single shift on a specific day guests will not be able to book it.

Example: Close a shift for one day by deleting a single occurrence

In this example, you learn how to close the lunch shift on a particular day. You do this by deleting a single occurrence. All other days will be unaffected.

  • Click on the Shift you want to change.

  • Select the ⋮ menu on the top right of the window and click on Delete.

  • Click on Delete and select "No, only [selected day]".

❗ Please note that choosing "Yes, delete all" will remove the entire shift and can not be undone.

Guests can no longer book tables at this particular lunch shift. All other days are unaffected. 

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