Switch between Table view / List view: buttons on the top left

Does your team prefer the Table view for reservations or the List view? You can easily switch between them in the reservation Overview. 

The buttons to switch between the Table view and the List view have moved to the top left in the reservation Overview.

Timeline colors: now show your online availability

The timeline in the reservation Overview > Table view has changed from blue to white and grey. Not purely for aesthetics, but also to show you your online availability during the day. 

  • White means you are available for online reservations. 
  • Light grey shows that there is no online availability. 
  • Dark grey means that your restaurant is fully booked at that time.

List view filters: find the right reservation with ease

Do you need to quickly find all prepaid reservations for the late shift? In the Overview List view you can now filter your reservations based on the status, shifts or products

Options: send guests a mail with a payment link for their reservation

Do you want to ask a calling guest to pay a deposit for their booking? Create an option with a payment link.

In the new version of Formitable, you need to manually select the Option button if you want to create an option. Guests will receive an email in which they can confirm the booking and pay a deposit if required by the ticket.

If you do not select the option button, then the reservation will be confirmed immediately.

Day notes: important message to all team members

Do you need to show a message to your whole team? Many restaurants already used the day notes feature in the old version to communicate important messages internally.

We made day notes more prominent in the new version to make sure no one misses important information. Just click on Add a note...

What's next?

Need some more guidance to get you started in the new version of Formitable? These guides help you with the most important reservation management functions. 

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