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Mailchimp: Import guest email addresses from Formitable or other systems
Mailchimp: Import guest email addresses from Formitable or other systems

Start with email marketing by download guests' email addresses and import mailing list subscribers into a Mailchimp newsletter audience.

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Do you want to start using email marketing with Mailchimp and use all the guests' email addresses you already collected? All guests that reserve through Formitable can choose if they want to receive updates about exclusive events from your restaurant. 

This guide helps you to download the email addresses from Formitable and import them into a Mailchimp newsletter audience. 

Did you use a different reservation system in the past? Importing those email addresses works the same way. 

Download your guest data and email addresses from Formitable

This guide focusses on importing only the email addresses from the guest data. It’s the quickest and easiest way for you to build a newsletter audience. You can ignore all other data for now. 

  • At the bottom of the Dashboard at Mailing List Subscribers, click on Export.

  • Open the downloaded file. 

  • Select the column E-mail and copy the data.

Import the email addresses into your Mailchimp audience

  • Go to and login with your account.

  • Select Audience in the top menu. 

  • Click on Manage Audience > Import contacts.

  • Select Copy/paste from file and then Continue To Setup

  • Paste your email data into the Subscriber info field.

  • Agree to the notification about pricing and emailing permission. Click on Continue To Match.

  • Add tags or simply click Continue To Review. Finish by clicking Import.

The email addresses from your guests are now transferred to your Mailchimp audience.

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