Do you want to promote your events, the takeaway page or your gift vouchers? Formitable makes it easy to share direct links to all your tickets, products and pages.

You can share these link on social media (like Facebook, Instagram) or in your mail campaigns and newsletters. With these direct links, guests will automatically be directed to a particular ticket, or a particular page in your reservation widget.

Promote your gift voucher shop

Guide guests to your gift voucher shop by adding "?ft-shop=giftshop" after your website URL.


Promote your takeaway menu

Promote your takeaway menu by adding "?ft-shop=takeaway" after your website URL.


How to find and share a link of a specific ticket

Each ticket that you create in Formitable has a unique link attached to it. 

To find your ticketUid go to Products > Tickets to open a ticket. You can find your ticketUid in the share URL.

Need a promotional text and a picture?

You can find copy templates on our blog articles Toolkit to promote gift vouchers and Toolkit to promote take-away and delivery.


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