How to create a special event

Create a special one-time event and disable all other reservations. Perfect for holidays and special days like Christmas, New Year’s, etc.

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Do you want to create a one-time event on a special day (like Easter, X-mas or New Year’s, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day...)? Probably you also want to disable all regular lunch and dinner reservations while your event is happening. 

Formitable is fully designed around experience-based reservations. You need to create a ticket for the event and then add a Shift to determine when guests can book this special experience.

Here’s how to create the event, add a shift for it, and disable all other reservations.

Create a ticket for the special event

  • In Formitable, go to Products > Tickets.

  • Select Add Ticket, fill in the details for the event.

  • Optional: Want guests to pay a deposit or the full price in advance to prevent no-shows? Set a ticket price.

  • If you want some extra promotion for your event, select Highlight this ticket, and your event will always show up in the Formitable widget.

  • Click on Save.

Create a Shift to be open for reservations

  • Go to Settings > Shifts. Click on the "New Shift" button marked with a PLUS.

  • Select the ticket that you just created. 

  • At Time & Days, select the Start Time and End Time. This is the time frame when guests can place reservations for this event.

  • Change the Start Date to the day when your event will happen. 

  • At Seating, change the number of guests you want to accept for one reservation.

  • Adjust the Seating Time. How long do you expect your guests to sit at the table? Change the minimum and maximum duration accordingly. 

  • At Booking Window, you decide how far in advance your guest need to place their reservation. For example, you can select 1 day as the minimum time. 

  • Once you click Save, guests can book the event in the widget of your website.

Optional: Disable all other reservations that day

Do you want to disable all other kinds of reservations on the day you hold your event? Create exceptions for the regular shifts, by deleting them on that particular day.

  • Go to Settings > Shifts. Click on the Grid Icon to switch to the Week view. 

  • Select the week of the event. Click on the other shifts that are present on the event day.

  • Select the ⋮ menu on the top right of the window and click on Delete.

  • You only want to delete the shift for this day. Select the left option: "No, only [event date]"

  • Repeat this, if there are other shifts that you also want to disable that day.

  • Your event is now the only thing that guests can reserve on that specific day.

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