Is your reservation widget showing two very similar events or menus? Maybe you created a Christmas event, changed your mind and created a new one. Now your widget is showing two very similar events to your guests. 

Remove one product to avoid confusion.

Which events and menus guests can book at which times is determined by your shifts. If you delete the shifts of the double product, guests can no longer see or book it in the widget.

Remove a double product from the widget by deleting its shifts

 1. In Formitable, go to Settings > Shifts. If you see the calendar view, switch to the List view.

 2. Go to the double event product you want to remove from the widget.
 3. Click on the [...] button of the shifts linked to it. Select Delete.

Once you deleted all linked shifts from the product, the product will disappear from the list. The systems will update your availability.
Within a few minutes, the double product will also no longer show up in the widget.

Can't I simply delete the experience from the system? 

It is not possible to delete experiences or events in Formitable. Deleting products can lead to severe problems with accepted bookings in the past and the future, as well as financial administration if you are using prepayments.


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