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Disable bookings in certain areas or on specific tables
Disable bookings in certain areas or on specific tables

Change which tables and areas can be booked online. Block areas or take tables offline to have flexibility for walk-ins and loyal customers

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Do you need some extra flexibility in your restaurant for walk-ins, loyal customers, or phone reservations? Maybe you only want to accept reservations for dinner on the second floor, but not on the first floor. In Formitable you can select which of your areas and tables can be booked online and which are set-aside for other occasions. 

  • Scenario 1: Do you want to keep 30% of your tables for walk-ins and loyal guests? Set specific tables offline and prevent that they are booked by guests. 

  • Scenario 2: Do you not want that lunch or dinner guests to get seated on high-chairs or at the bar? Disable a whole area for the dinner by removing that area from the shift.

Scenario 1: Take certain tables offline

Each individual table can be set to either online or offline. Tables that are online can be booked by guests through the widget. Tables that are offline can't be booked by guests, but can still be used by you for reservation management. 

  • In Formitable, go to Settings > Tables

  • Select the area of the tables you want to take offline. 

  • Click on the blue slider to take a table offline. 

  • The offline tables can no longer be booked online. 

Scenario 2: Remove a specific area from a shift

Want to disable bookings in a certain area for a ticket? Remove the specific area from the shift and guests will no longer be placed here automatically. 

For example, remove the bar area from the dinner shift. Guests that book dinner will never be placed at the bar anymore. 

  • In Formitable, go to Settings > Shifts.

  • Select the Shift you want to change. 

  • Click on Areas > Select the specific areas. Select only the areas you want to receive bookings on. Leave the area you do not want bookings on grey

  • Click on Save.

Your new online availability for the widget and the overview will be generated within a few minutes.

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