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Google Analytics: Measure website and ticket conversions
Google Analytics: Measure website and ticket conversions

Want to track your website and ticket performance in Google Analytics? Our development guides and documentation help you to get started

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Do you advertise with Google or promote a ticket through your website? Then measure your success by linking Formitable to your Google Analytics account. Google Analytics gives you in-depth reporting on conversion ratios, regions, and time periods.

Connect Formitable with Google Analytics using this developer guide. Attention, this guide is written for online marketers and other IT professionals that use Google Analytics on a daily basis. So it contains technical terms.

We are happy to help you link your Google Analytics to Formitable. However, what we cannot help with is setting up your Google Analytics on your website. For these kinds of tasks, we are happy to recommend The Fully Bookers, an online marketing agency specialized in the restaurant business.

In short: How Google Analytics interacts with Formitable

The Formitable widget simulates page visits in the Google Analytics account that is already running on your website. You can find this directly under Behavior in Google Analytics. You can easily set goals here. A thank you / complete page is therefore not necessary, but possible if you wish. You could use Formitable Widget Events for this.

The widget also records standard eCommerce events (see also You can also find this in our widget documentation.

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