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Notify Me: Receive email notifications
Notify Me: Receive email notifications

Get emails when guests place (last-minute) reservations, order takeaway, write reviews, send you messages, or cancel their bookings.

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Do you want to receive emails when reservations are placed and see messages from guests in real-time? The Formitable Notify Me app makes sure you never miss a thing.

With the Formitable Notify Me app you receive email notifications when guests place last-minute reservations, write a review about your restaurant or send you a message with important dietary restrictions or other special requests. You can also get emails for cancellations and booking changes made by guests.

Install the Notify Me app and receive notifications by email

  • In Formitable, click on the user menu in the top right and click on Apps.

  • Select the Notify Me app and click on Install.

  • Go to the app settings of the Notify Me.

  • Fill in your email address on which you would like to receive the notifications. 

  • Optional. Do you want these emails delivered to two or more people? Enter multiple email addresses separated with a ; symbol. Like this:;

  • Select which kind of notifications do you want to receive by email.

  • Click on Save Settings.

Which kind of Formitable notifications do you want to receive?

  • Reservations. Receive emails for all reservations made.

  • Changes. Receive emails for all reservations that are changed.

  • Cancellations. Receive emails for all reservations canceled.

  • Last Minute Notification. Receive only emails for reservations for that are being placed, changed, or canceled on the current day.

  • Gift vouchers & takeaway. Receive an email when guests order a gift voucher or place a takeaway order.

  • Reviews. Receive an email every time when a guest writes a review of your restaurant. Be aware that this only applies to reviews in Formitable based on the feedback request that guests get.
    You will not receive notifications about reviews on platforms like Google or TripAdvisor. Our partners AreTheyHappy and SO Connect can help you with this. You can find both in our App store. 

  • Messages. Receive an email when guests place important notes in their reservations, like dietary restrictions, special requests. You will also get notifications when guests send you messages about their reservation through email.

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