Disable online reservations for a day

Stop accepting online reservations and inform your guests with a message in the widget

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Do you want to close your restaurant for online reservations for the rest of the day? Or maybe you want to inform your guests about special opening hours in your reservation widget? 

The status of the day pop-up makes both possible in a few seconds. Quickly close your restaurant for reservations and show your guests a custom message.

Change your status of the day

At the bottom of the overview, you now find three different status options for your restaurant.

  • Open. You are open for reservations and guests can book online.

  • Full. Your restaurant is fully booked and guests can not book online anymore. Well done, you run a full house!

  • Closed. Your restaurant is closed for online reservations.

Want to change the status? 

  • Simply click on the status, at the bottom of the overview. 

  • In the pop-up, choose if you want to be open or closed for online reservations.

Add a message to show to your guests

Do you want to inform guests about special opening hours, vacation days, or simply the reason why you are closed for reservations for the day? Compose a message and your guest will see it in the reservation widget.

You can choose between four different messages:

  • No message. No message is shown to your guests.

  • Fully booked. This is your standard Fully booked text. 

  • Closed. This is your standard Closed text. 

  • Custom. You can freely type a message here.

  • If you set your restaurant to Closed, and you already have reservations on this day the Fully booked is automatically selected. 

  • If you set your restaurant to Closed and you have no reservations on this the Closed message is automatically selected. 

  • You can not change the Fully booked and Closed texts in the message dialogue. However, you can always change them at Formitable > Settings > Setup.

Do you want to change the color of your calendar message?

By default, your messages in the widget will be shown in grey.

  • Change the color by clicking on the little grey box with the red stripe.

  • Choose a color for your message.

This is how your guests will see your calendar message in the widget, once they click on it.

Closing the restaurant for several days & adding messages for several days

The status of the day pop-up is meant for individual days. If you want to close your restaurant for several days or add calendar messages for several days you can do this in the shift settings.

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