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Combine Tables and set how many extra seats the combination can accommodate

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Make table combinations to seat four guests automatically on two tables for two, but also to have larger groups book online. The system also uses these table combinations if you make a telephone reservation yourself.

Before you get started

Each table can be assigned to only one combination, not multiple. We advise you to make the largest possible table combinations, the system automatically calculates the most efficient placement.

💡Tip: Think carefully about the combinations but don't think about every possible scenario. Start with a base of common combinations. You still work with the system (you can easily drag a reservation to another table when planning). It is also a good idea to work with your basic settings for a while before optimizing.

Create a Table Group

  • Go to Tables and click on the Area

  • Click on the Δ icon next to the Table

  • Click on + Table group and give your new combination a name (for example 'Left side')

  • Click on the Δ icon again next to the Table and link the Table to the new Table Group. You will immediately see the name of the table combination behind the Table. The colors help you to keep a clear overview of all different groups.

❗ Important: Make sure tables in the same combination are next to each other in the View overview. Click and hold the = symbol and drag them in the correct order.

Add extra seats to a Table Group

If you can place extra chairs at the head of a Table Gourp, or if you lose capacity by combining tables, you can set this.

  • Go to Tables and click on 'Table groups' at the top right of the screen

  • You can add or remove extra seats with the + and - buttons

  • Click on Apply to save

Formitable automatically updates your availability based on the extra seats

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