Are your invoices being sent to an old email address? Did you VAT number change or do you want to have a different company name stated on your invoices? Quickly change your billing information and make sure your financial administration is up to speed again.

Change the billing information for a restaurant

 1. In Formitable, select the restaurant you want to change the billing information of.
 2. Click on your user initials in the top right corner.
 3. Select Billing from the menu.
 4. At the section Billing Information you can change the company name, email address and VAT number.

 5. You do not need to click on save. All changes are saved instantly.

Do you need to receive some invoices that have been sent to an old email address? Read here how to download another copy of your invoices.


Nederlandse zoektermen: factuur, boekhouder, boekhouding, jaarfactuur, maandfactuur, facturen, administratie, BTW nummer, KVK nummer.

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