Adding an option (with optionally a payment link)

Options automatically become reservations once guests have confirmed them or paid a deposit. Here's how to create and keep track of options

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Options are placeholders for reservations that still need to be officially confirmed by guests. Most restaurants use options for group reservations that come in by phone. Why? Because options allow you to send payment links for deposits by email.

Options offer flexibility for you and your guests

When you create an option the guest will receive an email asking them to confirm or decline the option. Once the guest accepts the option or pays via the payment link the option automatically becomes a reservation. Without confirmation, the option simply expires and the table will be bookable again for other guests.

How to create options and send payment links

Options can be created the same way as reservations. Simply select the option checkbox in the process. 

  • In Formitable, create a new reservation in the overview with the blue plus (+) button.

  • Select the ticket for the reservation.

  • Click on the Option checkbox.

  • Select when the option will expire by choosing a day and time.

  • Do not forget to fill in the email address of the guest. Otherwise, they will not receive an email for the option.

Ticking timers show you when options will expire

In the overview, options are easy to identify by the timers. In the table view, the options will appear as see-through with a ticking timer. In the list view, they have a timer at the right side of the screen.

The timer shows you exactly when the option will expire. First, it shows the days, then the hours, then the minutes and seconds.

Keep track of all options in the activity tab

Do you find it difficult to keep track of all the options that expire at different times? Find a list of all your running options at in Formitable at Activity > Options.

Don't worry - we'll also remind your guest about their options

Guests receive a reminder email one day before their option will expire. If they do not act upon the reminder, they will also be informed once the option is actually expired.

Can I only use options for tickets with prepayments & deposits?

You can use options for all tickets - prepaid or not. If you select a ticket that does not require a payment, the guest will simply have to choose between accepting or declining the option. They will not be asked to provide payment. It all depends on which ticket you select while making the option.

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