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Squeeze: Turn tables faster using the power of online
Squeeze: Turn tables faster using the power of online

Double your tables and fill gaps in your table planning by offering shorter reservations

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Do you still have some gaps in your planning? The Squeeze feature helps you double your tables by offering reservations with a shorter table turn.

Simply set the minimum dining period to two hours and Squeeze will open up any two-hour time slot online. Squeeze will politely tell your guests how long they’ll have the table. During the reservation process, in the confirmation email, and in the reminder email.

Even better: Squeeze options will only be shown to guests when all standard spots are already booked.

How to enable squeeze for a shift

  • In Formitable, go to Settings > Shifts.

  • Select a shift you want to squeeze.

  • Go to the Seatings tab and scroll down to Squeeze.

  • Select the squeeze duration.

  • Optionally: Add a squeeze gap or a fixed end time.

  • Save & close your shift settings.

  • Squeeze duration. The squeeze duration is the minimal time-span you want to allow for a reservation. If your normal booking duration is 120 minutes, you might want to use 60 minutes for the squeeze. This still gives your guests enough time to enjoy their meal.

  • Squeeze gap. Do you need some time to clear the table? Add a squeeze gap to block some time in between reservations. This will help you to prevent overlapping visits.

  • Squeeze to fixed end time. Do you want to close your restaurant at 23.00? Set a fixed end time and reservations from this shift will all be squeezed to end at this exact time.

Squeeze helps you to fill your tables in a flexible way, just like a real online floor manager.

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