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How to share one account and track staff activities without having to switch accounts

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Want your whole team to manage reservations in Formitable on a single device without having to switch accounts? Shared accounts are the solution.

Every time a booking is created, canceled, or changed, the system will ask users to identify themselves. This saves time and helps you to keep track of who is doing what.

Setting up a shared account

Turn a normal account into a shared account with the flip of a button. 

📌 No Settings button to be seen anywhere? You are not logged in with an administrator account then. Ask a colleague with an administrator account to change these settings for you, or have them change your account to an administrator account.

Want to add more user profiles for staff members?

Shared accounts do not require email addresses for staff members. They just need access to the shared account.

  • In Formitable, go to Settings > Team.

  • Click on the blue [+] button to create a new user.

  • Either fill in the email address or simply type in the name of a staff member.

  • Click Save.

The new users can immediately be selected through the shared account.

Using a shared account to manage reservations

If a user wants to make, change, or delete a reservation they are asked to select their profile. Simply select the user to proceed. 

Tracking user activities with shared accounts

For every reservation, you can see which user created the reservation, changed it, or canceled it. You can find this information either in the restaurant activity tab or in the reservation activity tab.

If activities have been with a shared account the user will show up in square brackets.

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