Cancel multiple reservations and send messages

Cancel your reservations in one go and send a custom message to guests

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With this feature, you can cancel a large number of reservations at once and send a message to guests. You can also only send a message to, for example, reservations with a deposit. Both functions are explained below.

Cancel reservations and send a message at the same time

 1. Go to Insights > Reservations. By default, a list of future reservations is now loaded up until one month in advance. You can of course change the end date.

2. At the top left, you can select all reservations at once by ticking the top checkbox.

 3. Click on the icon at the top right of the screen. Choose Cancel reservations. You will then get another screen in which you can add text. Note: do this in both Dutch and English.

  • Do you use gift vouchers? Then you can choose to use this text:

Unfortunately, we are forced to cancel your reservation. If you want to support us, buy a gift voucher via our website. You can exchange these with us in better times. See you soon!

4. Select 'Send' to cancel the reservations. Your custom message will be included in the cancellation confirmation.

Just send a message

Do you want to send a message to, for example, only reservations with a deposit?

Then follow the same steps as above. At Step 2, select only the reservations with a deposit. At Step 3, choose Send a message.

  • Do you have a lot of prepaid reservations? Then you can choose to use this text:

Due to the closing of the catering industry until at least [date], your reservation with us can unfortunately not be made. If you want to support us, do not cancel your reservation, but place it far in advance (for example at the end of December 2020). Then you can always move the reservation to a suitable date later.

Need help?

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