To inform your guests it's important to update your website every now and then. To make this a bit easier you can now put a pop-up on your website all by yourself.

The great thing about this pop-up is that you can place it directly via Formitable and you can link it to a specific action. Do you want to put your gift vouchers, a specific ticket or your takeaway in the spotlight? Just use this pop-up!

If a guest visits your website, the pop-up automatically shows up with your own message and call to action button.

Install the Promotional Pop-Up

 1. Go to Settings > Widgets, here you find the Promotional pop-up section.

 2. At position, you can choose where you want the pop-up to appear. You can either choose center or bottom left.
 3. At color, you can choose between a white or a black pop-up/
 4. Give you pop-up a title and a clear message. For example:

Lieve gasten,

Wij hebben jullie support nodig, meer dan ooit. Onze deuren zijn gesloten en we weten niet hoe lang dit nog gaat duren. Door een cadeaubon te kopen steunen jullie ons enorm. Gun elkaar een geweldig etentje en kom het met ons vieren als we dit achter ons hebben gelaten.

We zijn jullie eeuwig dankbaar en hopen jullie heel snel weer te zien! 🙏


Liefs en sterkte ❤


Does your website have an English version? Don't forget to adjust the English text as well. For example:

Dear guests,

We need your support, now more than ever. At the moment, our doors are close and we we're unsure when we can welcome you again. By purchasing a gift voucher you support us immensely. Please treat yourself to a beautiful dinner and come celebrate with us when all of this is behind us.

We're eternally thankful and we hope to see you soon! 🙏


With love ❤


5. You can link the button to different actions. You can choose between these actions:

  • No button. No button will be placed.
  • Buy a gift voucher. Guests will be directed to your gift shop.
  • Book a table. Guests are able to reserve a table
  • Promote a ticket. Here you can select a ticket that you want to give extra attention to.
  • Promote a specific takeaway product. Bring extra attention to one specific takeaway product.
  • Subscribe to newsletter. Guests can subscribe themselves for your email campaigns.
  • Other. You create your own title for the button and you decide where it should link to. Fill in a website at button URL. Make sure the link starts with http:// (for example

 6. Do you have a Dutch and English website? Don't forget to fill in both languages.
 7. You can put the pop-up live at Enable pop-up.

 8. The pop-up is immediately visible on your website. Check if everything is correct on your website or adjust the text and button.

Have you clicked the pop-up away? Open your website in a new tab to see the pop-up again.

Adjust the Promotional Pop-Up

You can switch off or adjust the pop-up at any time. If you make any changes, they will be immediately visible on your website.

Need help?

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