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How to implement and promote products like Tickets, Gift Vouchers and Take-Away on your website

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The second you’re done setting up Tickets, Gift Vouchers, and Take-Away, your Formitable widget shows action buttons in the navigation. That's a great start, but as you want to sell as much as possible, we advise you to take the next step and create dedicated pages on your restaurant website, and active a Promotional pop-up.

Website pages

Create dedicated pages on your website with titles 'Reservations', 'Gift vouchers', and 'Take-Away'. 

Place a promotional text on the page. You can find copy templates on our blog articles Toolkit to promote gift vouchers and Toolkit to promote take-away and delivery.

Place buttons on your website with direct links to:

  • Tickets. Use the anchor #ft-openTicket-[ticketUid]. To find your ticketUid go to Products > Tickets to open a ticket. You can find your ticketUid in the share URL.

  • Gift Vouchers. Use the anchor #ft-openShop-vouchers to open the gift voucher shop. 

  • Take-away. Use the anchor #ft-openShop-takeaway to open the take-away shop.

Navigate to Settings > Widgets and click on the 'Configure page' link for advanced instructions. You can also send these instructions to your web developer.


Make sure to activate these pages in the main navigation of your website. This way not only your website visitors can find your products, but Google can index your page as well.

Another Google tip: now that you've created dedicated pages, you can add a direct link to your Google My Business profile for reservations and takeaway. Google shows links to your own website before any other links to consumer platforms. This way you prevent paying unnecessary commissions to third party reservation websites and delivery platforms.

Website pop-up

Need to boost your sales? Activate the Promotional pop-up.

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