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How to start offering pick-up and delivery items with Formitable. Follow a few easy steps to start offering your restaurant’s experience at home. Formitable lets you offer your signature dishes, set meals, to-go packs, bottles of wine, or whatever experience you can think of.

Before you start

  • Connect Formitable with Mollie or Stripe. Just like Tickets and gift vouchers, you collect pick-up and delivery revenue in your own Mollie or Stripe account. No Mollie account yet? Read our Mollie instructions. Prefer to work with Stripe? Read our Stripe instructions.

  • Test Mode. You can try out your settings without making a real payment by activating Test Mode in Settings > Setup (scroll to Payments). Make sure you deactivate test mode when you are ready to receive orders.

  • Promotion. Once you’re done setting up Takeaway, your Formitable widget will show an 'Order now' button. That's a great start, but we also advise you to create a dedicated page on your restaurant website and activate the Promotional Pop-Up to boost your sales.

Add takeaway products

  1. Add a product, by clicking the +. A window will appear, where you can add all specifications.

  2. Language. Is your website available in both Dutch and English? Remember to add a title and a description in both languages.

  3. An active product will be visible in your widget. If you decide to stop offering a product, simply swipe the ‘active’ toggle left.

  4. Add a title and description to your product.

  5. Add Product groups like Starters, Mains, and Desserts. Product groups are important to keep your takeaway shop organized. Create a new product group or choose a suggestion for already created groups.

  6. At the Pricing tab, fill in the price and optionally the VAT percentage to make your financial administration easier.

  7. At Options, you can add all kinds of extras, supplements, and choices. Read more about the Takeaway Product Options here (incl. video).

  8. Save the takeaway product.

Add as many takeaway products as you like to create an enticing menu of at-home experiences for your guests.

💡 Sequence of products: You can drag your products into the desired sequence. Open your shop to view and 'test' your Product group entries.

Use your creativity… or just be super clear and descriptive.

Configure your settings

Click on the Settings icon (⚙️) in the right upper corner at Products > Takeaway. A window will open, where you can choose your general settings for both pick-up and delivery. You have the option to offer neither, one, or both at any given day and time of the week.

Accept takeaway orders

Use the toggle to start accepting takeaway orders. You can choose different settings for pick-up and delivery. Beware that your settings for pick-up and delivery will show in the takeaway shop on your website.

  • Pre-order. Can people order your dishes for tomorrow or even further ahead? You can choose a maximum of 100 days ahead.

Pick-up settings

  • Pick-up time. How long will it take until an order is ready for pick-up? These settings are valid for all your pick-up orders.

  • Minimum order amount. Set your minimum order amount for pick-up.

Delivery setting

  • Delivery time. How long will it take until an order is ready for delivery? These settings are valid for all your delivery orders.

  • Delivery costs. How much do you charge for delivery?

  • Free delivery. Set a minimum amount for no delivery costs.

  • Minimum order amount. Set your minimum order amount for delivery.

  • Add a list of zipcodes to specify your delivery region.

💡 Bigger delivery region: Fill in only the first two characters of a zipcode to allow for all subsequent zipcodes. If you enter "10" as a zipcode, all zipcodes starting with "10" will be allowed. E.g. 1000, 1001, ... 1099.

Shop intro

Show your customers a message in the header of your shop. Inform them on things like zip codes, regulations or any other specific details of your service.

Confirmation mail text

Guests receive a confirmation mail when they order. You can add some extra information like instructions where to find you, a link to your gift voucher shop, or just a nice little 'thank you' note.

Day settings

  • Per day, set a maximum amount of orders per timeslot (15 minutes). Specify your pick-up and delivery windows, as well as when the orders must be placed on the same day.

  • Set a daily product limit for each item that you sell to prevent running out of stock. If you set a product to zero, it will not be available for ordering on that day.

  • Decide when the last order of the day can be placed at 'Order before'.

Want to stop accepting orders?

Save your take-away settings to take your pick-up and delivery products online.

You’re ready to go!

Start selling

Once you have added your takeaway products and activated takeaway orders, your reservation widget will show an extra button ‘Order now’, leading your guest to an overview of all your products. That's a great start, but we also advise you to create a dedicated page on your restaurant website and activate the Promotional pop-up to boost your sales.

Order Management

Keep track of incoming orders:

  • Go to Insights > Orders to get a real-time view on incoming pick-up and delivery orders.

  • Manually set a status for an order, choose: Received, Preparing, On-route or Completed.

  • Filter orders by type, day or status.

  • Sort orders by clicking on the column titles.

  • Receive messages from customers and easily reply without leaving Formitable. You can also add a private note to communicate extra info with your team.

  • Print all orders of today or tomorrow with the print icon.

Order notifications

  • For new orders, we update the Activity page, and you instantly get a system notification (sound included) in the right upper corner.

  • You can set-up extra email notifications in the NotifyMe app.

💡 Letting guests pay for the Mollie or Stripe transaction fee?

Some restaurants choose to forward the Mollie or Stripe transaction fee to guests. For takeaway, this is quite a common practice. Are you thinking of doing the same?

  • In Formitable, go to Settings > Setup, scroll to the Payments section.

  • Click on Manage payment methods.

  • For each payment method, you can choose if the guests pay the fee.

Keep an Overview of all Takeaway products

Once you've created multiple Takeaway Products, of course, you would like to keep a clear overview of everything that you offer. For example, all items of a specific Product Group, bookable and not bookable products, but also which products are missing content. Both can be viewed in the blink of an eye in your Takeaway overview.

Filter on Takeaway Product Group

Filter on Product Group in the left menu bar in order to see, for example, your Pizza's, Specials, or Wines:

Filter on Takeaway Product Status

Filter on Takeaway Product status in the left menu bar in order to see, for example, only your active products:

Or view in the blink of an eye which products are active by scanning the status in your Takeaway overview:

Complete your Takeaway product content

Formitable gives you a notification when one or more of your Takeaway products are incomplete. This way you'll be able to supplement your content where necessary and only show 'complete' products in all languages.

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