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Email campaigns are a numbers game. The more subscribers you have, the better the result of your campaigns. We will show you some steps you can take to expand your subscriber list. Completely legal of course, because you don't want to ruin your restaurant's reputation.

Collect automatically through reservations

On the checkout page of reservations, waitlist, gift cards and take away, Formitable asks guests to sign up for your newsletter. On the thank you page and in the confirmation mails, they get another chance to do so. This way you automatically collect email addresses of guests who are familiar with your restaurant and want to stay up to date.

Implemented on your website

You want to give guests the possibility to sign up for your newsletter via your website. You can add this to your About us or Contact page.

  • Create a link or a button en use the following anchor to open the application form:


Collect via a website pop-up

If you want to boost your subscribers, because you're organizing a special event, you should use the Promotional pop-up. You can easily link the button to your application form.

A link on social media

Do you want to share an application link to social media or put the link in your Instagram bio, add this to your website URL:


Import from files

If you've sent a newsletter before and you're switching to email campaigns from Formitable, you can import your existing subscriber list.

  • Go to Campaigns and click on the icon of Upload subscribers in the top right corner.

Next, you upload an Excel-file in xlsx format. Make sure all email addresses are placed underneath each other in one column. If you want to, you can add the language in a second column. If you add a language, use these abbreviations:

  • NL (Dutch)

  • EN (English)

  • CA (Catalan)

  • DA (Danish)

  • DE (German)

  • ES (Spanish)

  • FR (French)

  • NB (Norwegian Bokmål)

  • SV (Swedish)

📌 Unnecessary columns will disturb the import. Please only use two columns as shown in the example below.

💡 An example of a correct file:

  • Pick the Excel file you want to upload.

  • You can directly see the result of your import.

❗ Note: Only use email addresses that gave you permission to send them emails. You're bound to international legislation and you don't want to ruin your restaurant's reputation.

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