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Do you have multiple restaurants? Learn how to install the reservation widgets of multiple restaurants onto a single website.

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There are different ways to switch between the widgets of multiple restaurants on a website. Formitable does not offer guests the possibility to switch between locations within the widget itself.

📌 Suggestions: Option 1. We recommend that you use one reservation page for each restaurant location. This way there is no room for confusion on your website. Guests are also able to find your individual restaurants on Google a lot easier.

✔️ Did you place the widgets on your website and want to go live immediately? Log into each restaurant in Formitable, go to Settings > Widgets and click the Go online button. Congratulations, you just officially joined the Formitable team! 🎉

Option 1. Use one reservation page per location

Each restaurant gets a dedicated page with its own widget code. The widgets are completely separated from each other.

  • Go to Widgets and click on configuration page. This is where you can generate the widget code for the first restaurant.

  • Place the widget code in the HTML <body> of first restaurant's page.

  • Repeat this for all other locations.

Option 2. Use one button per location

Each restaurant gets its own button on the website. The widget automatically switches to a different restaurant as soon as the button is clicked.

✨ Always use a clear call-to-cation like "Book in West" . This way guests know precisely what they are doing.

  • Go to Widgets and click on configuration page. This is where you can generate the widget code for a restaurant. It does not matter which restaurant you choose. As long as there is a widget code on the site, it is possible to change.

  • Set data-open, data-open-mobile, data-toolbar en data-toolbar-mobile all to 'false'. This way the widget will run hidden in the background.

  • Place the widget code in the HTML <body> of your website.

  • Create a button for each restaurant on your website. Use an HTML anchor with the right restaurant ID.

Examples of HTML anchors

Location 1: #ft-1234abcd-open
Location 2: #ft-abcd1234-open
Location 3: #ft-[restaurant_ID]-open

The restaurant ID of your restaurant can be found on Settings > Widgets.

Option 3. Use a drop-down menu for the locations

You can show a lot of locations in a compact way with a drop-down menu or location picker on your website. As soon as someone clicks on the location the right widget will be opened.

  • Follow the steps above from 'Option 2. Use one button per location' but place the anchors of the locations in the drop-down menu.

  • Example: Otomat

💡🥡 Button for a specific takeaway shop? Also possible!
For this you can use #ft-[restaurantID]-openShop-takeaway

What's next?

  • Is one of the widgets not visible on your website? Check if the widget is set to online.

  • Placing buttons for tickets, gift vouchers and takeaway? At Widgets > configuration page in the section anchors you can find all the info you need.

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