Booking without having to select a ticket

Within your tickets, you can always find a 'default' ticket. We explain how it works and when you can use it best

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How does the default ticket work?

Tickets give you the possibility to create all kinds of different bookings. Think for example about a high tea, a Christmas menu, or a group menu. You decide how all these different tickets should look like in the widget on your website. (Find our availability step-by-step guide here).

But maybe there are also moments when you do not want to offer your guests different kinds of choices, but give them a straight-forward way of just placing a standard booking. This is when you use your default ticket.

Guests can place their booking immediately without having to select a ticket.

In case you offer another ticket next to the default ticket on a particular day, e.g. for an event, the default ticket will be shown. The guest has a choice.

💡 The default ticket will not be shown to the guest if is the only choice they can make. It will only be shown if there are actually multiple choices.

When do you use the default ticket?

  • If you want to allow guests to make quick and easy bookings, without having them select a ticket.

When do you not use the default ticket?

  • If you want to force guests to make a dedicated choice between tickets. Often you also want to explain in more detail what they are booking exactly.

  • If you want to highlight a ticket on your website. This is not possible with the default ticket.

  • If you want to work with prepayments and deposits. The default ticket does not support payments.

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