Set two shifts with fixed arrival times

Welcome guests in an early and late shift with fixed arrival times

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In this article we explain how to set two shifts with two fixed times to reserve. In this example, we assume a restaurant with an early shift from 18:00 to 20:00 and a late shift from 20:00 till closing time.

Note: Do not forget to set your Timeslot size in Setting > Setup under the heading Reservations. In this example we work with a timeslot size of 15 minutes. This means that available times are shown every 15 minutes.

Go to Product > Tickets and create a ticket for each shift

Go to Settings > Shifts and click on the shift associated with the ticket

At Time & days you set the first and last bookable time

At Seating you set the lenght of the shift

  • Enable Always display end time so that each guest sees that the first shift has an end time.

Click on the shift from 20:00 till closing time

  • At Time & days you set both First reservation at as Last reservation at on 20:00

  • Turn off the Always display end time slider. Guests with this reservation are allowed to sit from 20:00 till closing time, so you don't have to show an end time

Go to Settings > Widgets and click on Configuration page at Embed widget to see how your settings are displayed in your widget at any time.

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