Formitable offers restaurants many solutions to grow your business and conveniently manage day-to-day tasks, from integrations to online gift vouchers and email marketing. All features will give you more revenue and efficiency, but will also take you some time to master in the beginning. It's nice to learn by doing, but for those who want to go live quickly, we have prepared 5 essential steps.

Before you get started

Log in to Once you're logged in, you'll see various categories at the top of the screen in the navigation. For this step-by-step guide, we only discuss the last 2 categories: Products and Settings. You can skip the first five categories for now.

Step 1: Add a Ticket

Go to Products > Tickets to create different types of reservations. For example a high tea, group reservations, or a special event. Keep it simple for now and add more different experiences later. Need instructions? Read the article Add Tickets.

Step 2: Enter restaurant information

Go to Settings > Restaurant to add your general restaurant details. Your details are used for all your emails (confirmation, reminder, and feedback). This step is self-explanatory.

Step 3: Create your table plan

Go to Settings > Tables to set up your areas and tables according to the layout of your restaurant. Also, think about table combinations, but don't make it too difficult yet. Need instructions? Read the Help Center articles Adding areas and tables en Set table combinations.

Step 4: Create online availability

Go to Settings > Shifts to create online availability. You do this by linking Shifts to Tickets. There are many different settings that you can add to a Ticket. We advise restaurant owners and managers to carefully read the article Create online availability and set up Shifts step-by-step.

Step 5: Install Formitable on your website

Go to Settings > Widgets and click on the link configuration page. This page contains all the instructions your web developer needs to install Formitable. Do you have a WordPress website? Then you can install the Formitable WordPress plugin.

💡 You can also use the configuration page to make test reservations and check your settings.

What's next?

  • Have you gone through these steps and want to go live immediately? Go to Settings > Widget and click the Go online button. Congratulations on launching Formitable 🎉

  • Would you prefer a final check on your settings with an onboarding specialist? Please contact your account manager to schedule a call. We kindly ask you to go through the above steps before the appointment starts. The better you are prepared, the better we can advise you on the perfect settings for your restaurant.

  • Getting close to the end of your Formitable trial period? Add a payment method in the billing section.

  • For general questions, you can contact our support team. Send an email to or use our chat function at the bottom right of the screen.

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