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Easily set up your Formitable reservation widget to your liking and place the script on your website

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The Formitable widget allows guests to make a reservation on your website. Before they can do this, you must first set up your widget and install it on your website.

1. Set up the reservation widget

In Formitable, on the Widgets page under the 'Embed Widget' section, click 'Configuration page'. This link takes you to the configuration page and automatically displays your widget.

📝 Tip: Installing Formitable for a client?
Ask for the ID of the restaurant, you can enter it on the configuration page to load the widget.

Overview of the different options

On the configuration page you will find the embed script. If you adjust the options under the script, the script changes automatically.

Show the widget after loading the page (data-open)

You can set whether that widget opens or stays closed when visitors visit the website.

  • True. Widget comes directly into view

  • False. Widget remains closed

  • Time (in milliseconds). Widget appears after a certain time

  • For mobile devices, you can set this separately with data-open-mobile. For example, if you do not want the widget to open immediately on mobile devices, you can choose false.

Set the color of the widget (data-color)

You can give your widget any color you want to match your website. Use the color picker for data-color or enter a HEX color code yourself.

Choose the language of the widget (data-language)

With data language you can choose one of the supported languages.

Do you have a multilingual website? It is then best to install your a widget for each language or set data-language to 'auto'. This way, the widget is displayed in the language in which the guest's browser is set. You must have enabled those languages under Settings > Setup > Languages.

Track where your reservations come from (data-tag)

At data-tag you can enter the name for the source. So choose a clear name such as "Website" or "Widget". In Formitable on your dashboard it is then indicated exactly how many reservations are received via this widget.

Show or hide the buttons widget (data-toolbar)

By default, the widget places a book button on the bottom right of your website. You can choose not to show these buttons if, for example, you want to create your own link to open the widget.

By setting data toolbar to false you hide all buttons. You can set this separately for mobile devices with data-mobile toolbar.

Measure the widget's traffic (analytics)

By turning on analytics and connecting the module to Facebook or Google, you get a better understanding of how the widget is used by your website visitors..

Want to learn how the analytics module works? Read the guide.

2. Place the embed code on your restaurant website

After you have set the widget to your liking, paste the code, preferably for the closing body tag </body>, of every page where you want the Formitable widget to appear.

📌 Do you not have access to the source code of your website? Optionally, you can also place the widget in a page if it offers the possibility to add HTML code.

3. Make the widget visible

When the script is placed on the website, it is probably not immediately visible. In Formitable you can turn the widget on or off at the touch of a button.

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