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Create your own buttons on your website to open the widget, specific tickets, products or shops

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Do you want an extra button on your website that allows guests to book directly? No problem! The reservation widget of Formitable supports various HTML anchors. If you put it in a button or link, the widget knows exactly what to do.

In addition to making a reservation, the Formitable widget also offers products: Specific tickets, gift vouchers, or the takeaway shop. Send your guests exactly to the part where you want them.

HTML anchors for buttons

Open the widget


Open the gift card shop


Open the takeaway shop


Open a specific ticket


Example: #ft-openTicket-18f5c0a7

📌 Tip: You can find the ID of a specific ticket when you open the ticket.

Open a specific takeaway product


Example: #ft-openTakeaway-29f6a0q8

Open the widgets of different locations on one website

Do you have several restaurants and do you want to have guests book at the right restaurant? Add the restaurant ID to the HTML anchor in the button.

Open the widget with a specific restaurant ID:

Example: #ft-a1b2c3d4-open

📌 Tip: Do you want to refer to a specific restaurant's gift certificates or takeaway shop? Then also add the restaurant ID here.


Example: #ft-a1b2c3d4-openShop-vouchers

What's next?

  • Do you want to use multiple widgets on one website? Look here for the different possibilities to implement this on your website.

  • A complete overview of all HTML anchors can be found at the widget configuration page in the anchors section.

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